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Broken Arrow Cover 2019.jpg

Broken Arrow


To illustrate the love that God has for man—the love that brought Christ to this earth, sent by His father, to live and die for us.


9 men

3 women

As many incidental Native Americans as you need


Rising Sun, first brave of the village, is unhappy with how the Chief and his son, Broken Arrow, are leading the village. Taking his grievances to the other braves he stirs up rebellion against them. In an effort to make a display of his power he captures three pale-face children (campers) and plans to sacrifice them in the middle of the village. The chief and Broken Arrow intervene and fight for the lives of the pale-faces. A showdown between Rising Sun and Broken Arrow climaxes with a substitutionary sacrifice that saves the lives of the campers and earns Broken Arrow his name.

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