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Hi! And welcome to our Play Page! Each of the titles below are original, full length plays written and performed by Adventist Christian Theatre. They are about two hours in length and may be performed with around 10-15 actors. Each script includes helpful production notes including set designs, stage setups, and hints or "Things We Learned When Doing It For The First Time." Click on any one of the titles to be magically transported to read a portion of the script.  If you are interested in ordering one of the plays please click on the "Script Orders" link for information.

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Home Free
Everyone has their own Gethsemane


This is a modern day Job story wrapped around a last day events scenario. There is a growing sense of awareness among Christians that we are living in the last days before Jesus returns. As the close of time draws nearer, Satan will work more fiercely than he has ever before. Catastrophic events, both around and inside us, will have the effect of either sealing our salvation or breaking loose our hold on faith.


Home Free begins in the Garden of Gethsemane with a showdown between Christ and Satan. Depicted there is the battle over His choice to die or take Satan's way out. This is the same choice that all His followers will one day have to make; die to self, completely abandoning themselves to God, or choose Satan's easy way out. This battle is played out in the story of Michelle, a modern day Job, and her five friends. Typical high school students who find themselves living in the not so typical world of the last days. Attacked by Satan on all sides, their friendships tried and tested to the break point, they desperately try to hold on to their faith in "Jesus loves me this I know". The play climaxes with a powerful and emotional showdown between Satan and Michelle. Losing everything, as did Job, Michelle clings to her child-like faith and shows that everyone who will walk the streets of gold will first choose a path through their own Gethsemene to find their way Home Free.

Lead Me On Cover 2.jpg

Lead Me On
"When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained." Revelation 6:9,10


This is a period piece, set in the 12th Century. The story is the persecution of the Waldensians. As a religious group, their main contribution was to defy the state church by creating, hiding and distributing copies of the Bible when people were burned at the stake for possessing one.


A power hungry bishop sets out to find and destroy all the Waldensians in his province including John, the elusive leader of the Waldensians. Assisted by Arnis, Captain of the guard, persecution of the Waldensians becomes fierce. Some hold to their beliefs as they are burned at the stake, others recant under the intense pressure. Finally, Arnis sets a trap and captures John. Holding him till the bishop arrives, Arnis torments John baiting him to retaliate in anger. Instead, John treats his executioner as Christ did His; with love and no condemnation. Confronted with unexplainable love and compassion, Arnis must now make a choice: deliver John to the bishop for certain death or release him securing Johns death for himself. 

Jubilee Road Cover.jpg

Jubilee Road

A grits 'n gravy gospel story


For Christians, the narrative of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection is both timeless and timely. However, sometimes a story becomes so familiar in the retelling that details become invisible and the meaning and message become memorized rather than freshly felt.  Jubilee Road is an original show that re-contextualizes the story of Jesus, bringing first-century Judea to the American South during the Reconstruction period.

In this retelling of the story of Jesus set in the post Civil War South, protagonist Joshua is the son of Joe-bob--and Mary-lou, a poor couple from Hattiesburg, Miss.  The Romans become the Union Army, the Jews are the defeated Confederates,  and the Pharisees are represented by the conservative white church leaders.  The gospels of Matthew and John and the wisdom of Jesus are interpreted into southern culture, sayings and witticisms.

Featuring the music of well-known Lincoln children’s musician Mike Mennard, Jubilee Road is a a foot-stomping, hand clapping, heart touching telling of the Gospel story with songs and sayings you will never forget.

Per Chance Cover 2019.jpg

Per Chance To Dream

Sometimes We Embrace The Barriers That Keep Us Captive


 This play takes a dramatic look at the issues underlying teen suicide. Suicide is the long process of a person's heart and spirit collapsing in on itself. In an effort to protect themselves a person can begin to build and allow emotional and spiritual barriers to come between themselves, others and God. Eventually, having nowhere to turn but inside, a person believes themselves to be truly alone. This play is the story of one teens journey down that road.


 Lizzy is a very talented, very intelligent and popular teenage girl. She has everything going for her and a bright future as she seems destined to be a young star at a prestigious school for the Arts. What no one can seem to see however is how empty she feels. As she struggles to give the people around her a glimpse into her heart, her well-meaning family and friends put up emotional barriers with their words and actions. In the end, Lizzy finds it easier to embrace those barriers than to try and break through them.


 Although this play takes the story to the extreme end (attempted suicide) most every member of the audience will find themselves somewhere in the progression of the story as Lizzy makes the journey of embracing the barriers that keep her captive

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Looking Homeward

Sometimes death is the only thing that will help focus life.


 This play is based on the three parables Jesus told of the Lost sheep, Lost coin and Lost Son. The play begins in an emergency room with doctors and nurses trying frantically to revive Tony, a teen who has overdosed on drugs. Waiting outside are Jessica and Kevin his best friends. Trying to figure out why Tony would try to kill himself and why they, as his best friends, didn't see it coming, they relive the events of the past week that led up to Tony's overdose. As each one of them draws on the memory of their last interaction with Tony, they discover more about themselves than their friend. Beginning to see a pattern of how "lost" in the things of this world they had become, they realize that it's the fear of losing Tony to death that helps them to focus on their own lives. The play climaxes with a final farewell between best friends, and a funeral that gives more beginnings than it has endings.

Clear Blue.jpg

Light of A Clear Blue Morning

Before the brightest sunrise falls the darkest midnight

When the subject of last day events come up, it is easy to focus on the religious persecution, catastrophic natural events and the war that Satan, “the dragon” will wage all around us.  But before any of these things take place, the dragon’s biggest battle is already waging inside of us.  The theme for this play is the spiritual battle of the last days.  The focus is on the different issues people struggle over in that war, and though people’s battles may be different, the enemy and his intensity to conquer us all, is the same.  Only when we are willing to, with courageous honesty, face our own needs and pain in the light of God’s love, do we experience the type of conversion that changes us, seals and prepares us, for Jesus’ second coming.

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