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Way To Go Workshops

Getting There Groups

Most live theatre is not intended to simply be entertainment.  The stories in plays are meant to touch us both mentally and emotionally, to reach us in both the mind and heart.  We try to take that to the next step in our drama ministry by offering group experiences that help deepen the theatre experience.  Our Getting There Groups cover in more depth  all of the topics and issues that are touched on in our dramas.  The active learning workshops teach the tech we use to help us tell our stories and show how you can utilize the same tools.  Though all these workshops and groups are connected to the drama program, they can be done as stand-alone presentations as well. 

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Acting & Drama Classes
Theatre, Tech and Video Workshops 

These workshops are based on the same concept used in those book series "The Idiots Guide To..." and "For Dummies".  We take each of the topics covered and break them down into a simple, easy to follow process.  Emphasis is on practical application and to learn by doing using hands-on practice and illustrations.  Click the "More Info" button below to see a list of titles and description of all our workshops.

Singing & Dance
Getting There Groups

The first person we usually go to when we have a problem is a trusted friend. With this in mind another part of A.C.T.’s ministry is to conduct small-group workshops on life related issues. Each of the workshops are focused on dealing with relevant, life issues for and are aimed at helping to teach skills and tools for dealing with life's challenges.  So if you are interested in having A.C.T. visit your church, school or  event, take advantage of our small-group workshops! We can build an entire weekend event around our drama, workshops and small groups. Click the "More Info" button below to see a list of titles and descriptions of all our group presentations.

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