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Skits, Sketches & Plays


Finding good scripts to perform can be a real challenge, especially for religious drama.  

Over the years we have developed several types of scripts from our tours and productions.  In, "The Book of A.C.T.S" you will find skits from our themed tour programs.  Each script is approximately 4-7 minutes in length with a variety of numbers of actors. 


Our "Campfire Gospel" collection are scripts that were originally created for use in summer camps and vacation Bible school programs.  They utilize a variety of fun themes like Western, Viking, Native American, Pirates and more!  Each script is between 25 to 35 minutes long and also use a variety of number of actors that can be modified depending on how many actors you have.  The themes are also designed so that the sets can be simple and "campy" or as elaborate as you like.  

Finally, our "Full-length Plays" are one to two hour productions we have developed for our end of the season programs.   Each one is a story told around a universal theme that is both practical and applicable.



The Book of A.C.T.S

Full-length Plays

The Plays The Thing


Campfire Gospel
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