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Campfire Gospel

Yeeha! And welcome to Campfire Gospel! Some of the best drama ever performed happens at summer camp. With the campfire burning, the woods surrounding you and the stars overhead, the atmosphere is unbeatable for a good campfire skit. All of the sketches here have been written specifically for summer camps, youth group camp outings and church camp-outs. Each is approximately 40 minutes long and can be an elaborate production with full costumes, props and sets or they can be very “campy” and imaginative. Each is based on Christian principles and illustrate, through a variety of themes, simple ideas such as forgiveness, loving your neighbor and God’s love for us. To view a portion of a script, just click on the title you would like to see. So stoke up the fire, pull out the marshmallows and browse through our Campfire Gospel sketches.

Broken Arrow Cover 2019.jpg
The Search Cover.jpg
Sing Down The Moon Cover 2.jpg
Black Bart Cover.jpg
Can You Hear The Bells Cover.jpg
Dismal Creek Cover (1).jpg
Pitiful Pirates One.jpg
The Lion Sleeps Tonight.jpg
Pitiful Pirates 2.jpg
Pitiful Pirates 3.jpg
3 Days.jpg
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