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Can You Hear The Bells Cover.jpg

Can You Hear The Bells


To illustrate the story of the criminal on the cross through a western theme.


12 Men

1 Woman


Becky-Lee is a frustrated teen-ager who is always being told what to do. Venting her feelings to Uncle Bob she declares that if she could make her own decisions, the first would be to not go to church. Concerned for her, Uncle Bob begins to tell her a story about two brothers who were the sons of the old preacher for the church at the end of town. As he tells the story, he transforms into one of the characters and the story comes alive and is acted out as the skit. Two brothers, separated after childhood, choose different paths of life. One becomes a well known sheriff, the other a notorious outlaw. The twist is that neither knows the outcome of the other brother. Unknowingly, the outlaw brother has vowed to shoot down this sheriff he has never seen. They run into each other back in their hometown. Regret and reunion climaxes in a showdown that leaves one brother dying in the arms of the other as he hears the church bells ringing for the last time.

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