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This workshop is a lesson on faith. There are all kinds of “obstacles” we come across in our life that can sometimes block the path of our life journey that God has prepared for us to follow. Also, there are things that can happen or things we choose that can help to drowned out the “still small voice” that speaks to each of us in the deep places of our heart. Still yet, Satan himself can devise things to present misleading “voices” or attractions that take us off our path when we follow or listen to them. How is a person to know what things are from God and what things are not?


In this workshop you are taken through an obstacle course, blindfolded with only the voice of a friend to guide you. Obstacles and “voices” will be thrown at you to try and take you off the path through the course and prevent you from finishing the race. The “double blind“ part is that you are not told which voice is that of your friend and which isn’t. Also, is the obstacle course real or imagined? This is one of our most active learning style workshops and is always not only a lot of fun, but also very helpful to learning how to live everyday life step by step in faith.

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