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THEME TEXT: Luke 15: 8-10
The parable of the Lost Coin

In Jesus’ parable the coin was lost inside the house. This represents people who are lost within a family or within God’s family, the church. It is the members of the “family” that God uses to find those lost souls who may not even know they are lost and cannot find their way back.

Actor-1: The “straight” man. 
Actor-2: The “goof ”. 

This is a two person skit from our “Trilogy for the Lost” touring skit program and is a comedic retelling of the Parable of the Lost Coin. Mixing pace with powerful presentation of the symbols in this parable, your audience will not miss the point that God seeks out even those who are “lost” inside the walls of our church because they are precious to Him and He uses His children as His tools for the seeking.

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