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The Lion Sleeps Tonight.jpg

The Lion Sleeps Tonight


To illustrate our need for God and how selfish desires can get in the way of seeing that need.



5 Men

4 Dancing natives (can be men or women)

Extras as incidental natives



Clint Steed, jungle explorer, and his faithful side-kick Quanto are in search of the lost treasures of King Tenororalto. In their quest they discover the Melodi tribe of jungle natives who are the guardians of the treasure. The only problem is the natives can only communicate through song or quoting the Bible.

The attempts at communicating the secrets of the treasure vary from campfire songs to Steed and Quanto performing an impromptu wrap and climaxing with a flamboyant “white-man interpreter” lip-sinking

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” complete with back-up natives. The skit builds to a surprise ending and a lesson on what it means to find real treasure.

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