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Pitiful Pirates 2.jpg

The Pitiful Pirates Part-II


To illustrate that God wants us just as we are and we can’t make ourselves “good enough” to come to Him.


13 men

3 women

Extras for villagers


The Pitiful Pirates are back in this stand alone story (it is not dependent on the first pirate skit) about God’s unconditional acceptance of sinners. During a raid on a small fishing village, which they manage to completely fumble, the pirates learn that the king, Emmanuel the First, is on his way to see if the pitiful pirates can be inducted into his navy. Convinced that if the king see’s them as themselves he will never induct them into his navy, the pirates embark on several ill-fated and hilarious attempts at changing their outward appearance and piratical habits so they can improve themselves and win the kings acceptance. Complete with sword fights, swinging ropes and even a choreographed musical selection from the pirates themselves, this skit is a light-hearted look at how human effort can get in the way of Divine acceptance.

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