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The parable of the Lost Son

In this parable Jesus was now talking to all those who have made a conscious and deliberate choice to walk away from God.  Even when we squander the blessings God has given us on living to please ourselves, at the first turning of our heart to Him God runs to meet all His lost children.

Actor-1: The “straight” man. 
Actor-2: The “goof ”. 

This is another two person skit from our “Trilogy for the Lost” touring skit program and is a comedic retelling of the Parable of the Lost Son. In this final of the trilogy, a tongue-twister monologue is used to tell the Prodigal Son story using nothing but words that begin with the letter “F”.  As humorous (and impressive) as the monologue is, the final lines by both actors drive home the point of all three parables: God’s passionate love for all of His lost children.

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