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The Search


To illustrate the concept of how giving to others through self-sacrificing love comes back to us and is the source of true happiness.


11 men

1 woman

As many incidental Native Americans as you need


The great Indian chief, Sitting Buffalo, is old and declares that it is time to choose a successor. All young braves wishing to prove their worthiness of leadership are invited to take the chief’s test of leadership. Only two braves, Swift Arrow, who wishes to continue in the ways of the great chief, and Running Wolf, who plans to secretly sell off the Indian’s land to the white man, rise to the challenge.  The great chief’s test is for each of them to discover the true source of happiness and they have only 24 hours in which to find it. The sketch climaxes in a showdown of wits between the chief and Running Wolf while Swift Arrow is shown the true source of happiness by the people he helps along the way of his quest.

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