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Addiction is a disease that kills. One of the most dangerous aspects to it is that the addict is rarely willing to admit, or realize, he is sick. But addiction has recognizable patterns, no matter what the drug of choice is. Recognizing these patterns is the beginning of breaking the cycle of addiction and healing deep hurt that lies at the core of every addiction. This workshop begins with identifying the basic emotional and spiritual needs that we all have: Unconditional love and acceptance, significant meaning and Impact, and hope for a better life. These needs are meant to be filled by our parents first. But when there is already addiction in the home, or abuse or divorce, these needs are left as empty holes in the soul of the children. When they turn to other sources to fill these needs, it can lead down the road of codependency and eventually addiction. Recovery is the simple answer that lies behind the wall of denial. In involves moving back up the downward path we followed in our addictions. This can be a hard journey and there is no better method of recovery than The 12 Steps. This workshop ends by illustrating how The 12 Steps are a Biblical model of how God can make His promise of peace that passes understanding a reality in all our lives.


Steps 1-3 Peace With God

Steps 4-7 Peace With Ourselves

Steps 8-9 Peace With Others

Steps 10-12 Keeping and Sharing The Peace 

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